Community Hungarian House at Pustiana

  • After the changes in 1989 people living at Pusztina (and in several other Csango villages) had permanent demand to use the Hungarian language in school and in the church.
  • As requests were permanently refused by school inspectorate, church, public bodies we decided to buy or build a house functioning as a community house.
  • This demand became clearer from 2000. As the Association of Csango-Hungarians in Moldavia (MCSMSZ) commenced its education program, teaching Hungarian language after school hours it also supported our intends.
  • In 2002 we could buy a site. Financial background was provided by the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage (NKÖM) in Hungary, organizer was Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania (EMKE).
  • Few more years had to pass while construction was started in 2005 and the yearned house became ready by 2006.



Programs organized in the House

  • After the construction of the house Teleki László Foundation organized an international conference „Endangered Heritage, Endangered Cultures”.
  • From autumn 2006 the community house gives place for the educational program (after school hours) of the Association of Csango-Hungarians in Moldavia. This activity is continuous; schoolchildren have lessons every day during daytime.
  • Furthermore the III. Folk song Competition along Szeret took place here. It was also organized by MCSMSZ and the best singer children from all educational points participated.
  • It gives place for several activities after school hours, mainly craftworks, cultural activities (singing, dancing, promotion of tradition).
  • Below artists had program in the house: the greatest Hungarian tale-teller of our age, András Berecz had a lecture; craftworks was presented by Marietta Kartali, graphic and István Majoros, sculptor, László Szabó, painter and Éva Vajda, teacher who had taught our children for two years in the school and outside. Gyula Ádám, photographer had an exhibition; Attila Sántha, poet had a performance, Berka Group, Fabatka Group, from National Repertory Theatre with the leading of Mátyás Usztics, László Pelsőczy, Gréta Herman and Emese Mettler S., actors played, etc.
  • Our guests were Oszkár Füzes, Ambassador and Géza Polonyi, Secretary from the Hungarian Embassy in Bucharest, leaders of EMKE and RMDSZ, the representatives of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office and other organs from Hungary, etc.
  • 5th class of Bethlen Gábor School from Szárhegy, children from Nyárád region and Szováta were also our guests, they sang us one of Zoltán Kodály’s work.
  • In the summer of 2009 we organized the I. Music Festival at Pusztina where more than 100 persons were present; guests and locals together.
  • In August 2009 the members of Szent István Lovagrend visited Pusztina on the occasion of their fifth pilgrimage and showed us the authentic relic replica of our state-founder king’s sword held at Prague from 1368.
  • In the autumn of 2009 the European Protestant Hungarian Free University held its Annual Meeting in the House at Pusztina. András Bartha, Chairman showed the village and Vilmos Tánczos, University Professor introduced the history and current situation of Csangos.
  • From the end of 2009 we created the bilingual – Hungarian and Romanian – website. From the middle of 2010 it is widened with two other languages – English and German – thanks for our unselfish supporters who translated our publications. Website can be reached on and addresses.

 Nárcisz Hegyi translated the article from Hungarian language