Asociația „Pusztinai Házért” Egyesület - Association „For House at Pusztina”

Association For House at Pusztina was established in 2007, the main target is to maintain the operation of community house of Pustiana/Pusztina.

- to satisfy the local and regional cultural and community needs;

- to preserve, support and marketing of the traditional regional culture and the non-material cultural property of Csango Hungarians;

- permanent education and professional training within the frame of usual educational systems and over thatof at any field;

- to offer various society-cultural products and public services.


Representatives of Szent István Association at Pustiana, Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania and Cultural Center of Harghita County established the Association.



Association was registered at Court of Miercurea Ciuc/Csíkszereda, it is established for indefinite period, non-governmental, independent and not profit oriented in accordance with Government Decree No. 26/2000 approved by Act No. 246/2005 and the relevant Romanian juridical practice regarding to the not profit oriented sector.


Association „For House at Pusztina” held its General Assemby on 16 April 2009. Participants were: Emese Karda, Chairman, founder (Miercurea Ciuc, as a representative of Cultural Center of Harghita County), Iosif Kötő, founder (Cluj/Napoca, as a representative of Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania – EMKE), and Ștefan Matieș, founder (as a representative of Szent István Association at Pustiana). They made decision on the modification of the Deed of Foundation and Statues.



Below modifications were made:


Article 1. Composition of the funders is modified. Members of the association will be private persons in the future and not the representatives of legal entities.


Article 2. The head office of the association remains unchanged: Csíkszereda, Road Temesvári 4. We establish a workpoint at Pusztina in Bákó County.


Article 3. Composition of the management is modified as follows:

- Chairman: Andrei Borto
- Vice-chairman: Elena Nistor
- Secretary: Dumitru Nistor
- Censor: Mária Kató.


Article 4. All other points remain unchanged.


Modifying statues made by the General Assembly of the association is registered at Court of Miercurea Ciuc in final Decision No. 1313 on public negotiation held on 25.06.2009 (No. of document: 1763/258/2009)


Nárcisz Hegyi translated the article from Hungarian language